1991 - Butchered At Birth.
1992 - Tomb Of The Mutilated.
1994 - The Bleeding.
1996 - Vile.
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July 1, 1991 - 2021: 30 years of: Butchered At Birth.

The deathmetal Buffalo stampede.

1991: the summum for the most extreme music on the face of the Earth: Death-Metal. Eruptions from Sweden, Holland, Great-Britain ...and State-side: from Tampa, New-York and now Buffalo.

Five angry young men, with a deranged taste for blood, guts and violent deaths. This band would become a staple in the genre. CANNIBAL CORPSE viciously attack with hate in mind, with Butchered At Birth, a brutal album with an actual after-taste.

The 1:21sec deep growling intro sets the murder-mood for the massive rear-entry slaughter of "Meat Hook Sodomy". If brutal deathmetal could be encapsulated in a single track, this would be it. Completely sick and blunt, like a hammer smashed face !

The ravaging "Gutted" leaves not much to the imagination, while "Vomit The Soul" gets the extra evil treatment, courtesy of backing-vocals by DEICIDE's Glenn Benton. The title-track cuts right to the bone, as the unborn fetus is ripped from the womb. Any left-overs, inanimate remains, "Innards Decay" simply rots away, just like a pile of mush left to dry in the sun.

1991: the epitome for brutal deathmetal, as two of the deepest vocals are from the North: CANNIBAL CORPSE's Chris Barnes and New-York newcomers, SUFFOCATION's Frank Mullen.

30 years of burned flesh and scream bloody gore, this is The Buffalo Chainsaw Massacre. Banned everywhere, the crew rapidly moved to Tampa to join the ever-growing deathmetal-brotherhood. Many acts have come and gone by the slaughterhouse, yet the cannibals are still here ...still butchering.

Butchered At Birth = full CD
At Morrissound Studios
Live in Belgium in 1991

September 22, 1992 - 2022: 30 years of: Tomb Of The Mutilated.

1992: the crowning achievement for Death-Metal.

Second peak year, after 1991's tidalwave of classic deathmetal releases now comes forth: Sweden's Unorthodox, Holland's Last One On Earth and Florida's Legion and The End Complete. It was now time for CANNIBAL CORPSE's rebuttal ...dig deep into the Tomb Of The Mutilated.

The first punch "Hammer Smashed Face" is the blunt power that hits like a freight-train. This cut has now become a cult track from the band and for the bloody movement itself. The red-wine gushes out from the meat as "I Cum Blood" sprays out the gooey venom. Thrashmetal riffing and the deepest of the deep deathmetal growls unearthed.

Female appreciation are fully displayed on the graphic "Entrails Ripped From A Virgin's Cunt" and the obscene "Addicted To Vaginal Skin". The fast killers of "Post Mortal Ejaculation" and "Split Wide Open" leaves not much to the imagination. Brutal deathmetal covered with sores and some of the most macabre lyric set ever.

Scooped-mids and rolling drums, the Scott Burns effect is again present and thrusted the CD into the mainstream with the band performing with upcoming star Jim Carrey on 1994's blockbuster Ace Ventura Pet Detective. A very short 2min skit that pushed the cannibals at the pole-position in deathmetal rockstar-dom.

Just like 1991's Butchered At Birth CD, the Tomb Of The Mutilated cover-artwork was banned in many countries, a sure sign of a must-buy attraction. A testament to Vincent Locke's supreme sick art.

The band later moved their decapitative operations from Buffalo to the bastion of deathmetal: Tampa. Hitting the nail on the head again, their next and final Chris Barnes led record shall close the lid on the early 90s deathmetal explosion: 1994's bloody chunks The Bleeding CD.

Tomb Of The Mutilated = full CD
Interview in 1992
Live in Detroit in 1992
on Ace Ventura Pet Detective
on Ace Ventura Pet Detective (deleted scene)

April 12, 1994 - 2024: 30 years of: The Bleeding.

Battle for the top.

By 1994 deathmetal had already passed it's creative peak, yet not it's commercial peak. Stuffing the store-racks with OBITUARY, MORBID ANGEL, DEATH and the British rotnroll of CARCASS, it was now time for the flesh-eatin' decaying CANNIBAL CORPSE to hammer smash the competition.

"Staring Through The Eyes Of The Dead" with dominance, the deathmetal steamroller covers the scene with sores. A fatter production but still that instant blunt force attack. The violent assault keeps on pouring with "Pulverized" and the stomach-tenderizer of "Force Fed Broken Glass".

"Stripped, Raped And Strangled" rapidly became a fan-favorite and über-mosh fiesta and the skin-slicing of the title-track for "The Bleeding" is a twisted groove stomper. Providing lovely powerballads to that special lady: "She Was Asking For It" the demented softly whispers from the accused-box, while the bloody details of "Fucked With A Knife" leaves not much to the imagination, see attached: Exhibit "A"

With a very short cameo feature in cinema-craze Ace Ventura: Pet Detective in February 1994 ...the mere 0:50sec sting was enough to intricate the mainstream-audience to deathmetal. Main-actor Jim Carrey was a metal-fan and heartfully wanted CANNIBAL CORPSE into the movie. Although it didn't commercially pan out into actual Platinum record-sales, this ass-kickin' once in a life-time venture did open eyes and ears to this buried in the backyard scene.

Back in the studio, there would not be the announced Created To Kill CD, as Chris Barnes was released from the fold and went on to pursue his new aspiration in SIX FEET UNDER. The end of an era for the band's legacy, but also the definite beginning of the end for the genre, as other deathmetal line-ups would disintegrate or alter their signature-sound.

The CANNIBALs would tag-along George Fisher and continue the metal monstrosity with 1996's Vile CD.

Staring Through The Eyes Of The Dead = video
The Bleeding = full CD
At Morrisound Studios
MTV interview in 1994
Official scene on Ace Ventura: Pet Detective
Deleted scene on Ace Ventura: Pet Detective
More on Ace Ventura: Pet Detective
In-store and live in Oakland in 1994

May 21, 1996 - 2021: 25 years of: Vile.

Welcome George.

Open the bleeding tomb and butcher yourself back to life. After 4 bloodthirst CDs from the most brutal deathmetal machine in the scene, frontmen Chris Barnes needed a change. Exit into his newly formed supergroup, the death-rock SIX FEET UNDER ...this left the cannibals with only once choice: get a new monstrosity. CANNIBAL CORPSE welcomes the other voice of deathmetal, Fort Lauderdale's own MONSTROSITY: George Corpsegrinder Fisher.

The rotted remains are "Devoured By Vermin" as the impact is imminent. The violence, the blunt force and the stamina of Corpsegrinder is an impressive asset. The slimy pace of "Bloodlands" with it's seven-string massive heaviness slays, while the brutal killings of "Disfigured" and the sadistic "Orgasm Through Torture" are sure to turn the mosh-pit into a human abattoir.

It is never an easy task to switch frontmen, yet in this particular event, both parties got what they wanted. Barnes got to headbang with more rock-attitude, while the Corpses were back with one goal in mind: create to kill. Still 25 years later, no reunion or no sign thereof has surfaced, and both bands still destroy stages globally.

The Monolith Of Death DVD is a great companion to the actual "Relentless Beating" that was happening in the raw live environment.

Devoured By Vermin = video
Vile = full CD
Interview in 1996
Live Monolith Of Death 96-97 tour
Corpsegrinder: Fact or fiction


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