1991 - From Beyond.
1992 - Inhuman Condition.
way more Helter Skelter.

July 1, 1991 - 2021: 30 years of: From Beyond.

Hail Kam Lee !
Hail Rick Rozz !
Deathmetal's co-creators.

The corpse-grinding adventure started in 1984 with MANTAS. On vocals and drums Kam Lee and on guitars Rick Rozz and a young ...Chuck Schuldiner. After releasing a handful of demos, all heavily influenced by the VENOM + HELLHAMMER / CELTIC FROST school of darkness came the split: Kam and Rick joined Bill Andrews's MASSACRE, while Chuck continued with DEATH ...and the rest is deathmetal history.

Both MASSACRE's 1986 Aggressive Tyrant and Chamber Of Ages demos are blueprints for old-school deathmetal. Hand in hand with the brutal times, Reign In Blood and Pleasure To Kill, the speed factor is imminent. Feel the vibe, hear the rawness and meet the sickest vocals on the planet ...prepare for the Second Coming !

And now on vocals: Barney Lee.
The trademarked "Ugh" and "Hey" are forever bound with CELTIC FROST's extremist expert Tom G. Warrior. Yet this time it is upped to new heights, or lows. The birth of deathmetal. The cornerstone of said genre, the low grunts, screaming growls in inhuman conditions. Monster-like and flying high, for the history-books: Mr. Lee is the first deathmetal singer and the year is 1984. Hail Kam Lee !

And now on lead-guitar: Frederick DeLillo.
Dive-bombs, cat-strangling, whammy-wanker, pick-tapping, hammer-ons, pull-offs along natural-harmonics and pinched-harmonics ...all fine techniques, used by most shredders. But this B.C.Rich Ironbird Guitar yielding beast happens to use them all, in every solos, in every songs, at lightning speeds. This is his iconic signature, this is his iconic style. Hail Rick Rozz !

Deathmetal's co-creators.

The massive geomagnetic-reversal intro-riff to "Dawn Of Eternity" makes no mistake, the ultra-saturated razor-sharp toned guitar is truly from beyond. The D-tuned staccato E-riff is palm-muting heaven, in a hellish world of death-grunts and brutal metal assault.

A blast from the past, cutting edge tracks like "Symbolic Immortality" and the elevating title-track, the alien-infested cloudy dimensions of "From Beyond" are finally properly layed to tape. The downstroke-picking riff-o-rama of "Cryptic Realms" and the lady of the night, the "Succubus", are two deathmetal gems.

After the eerie soundtrack-intro, the revamped 1986 signature-track, the neck-breaking speed of "Chamber Of Ages" is a milestone in the genre: "Ash to ash, dust to dust, life after deeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaath !"

And now, the genre-defining piece, so classic that one of the scene's frontman borrowed the title as his very stagename. Written back in 1984, the wrist-wrecker, simple E and A-string of "Corpsegrinder" is all it took to change the game. "Sex with the dead, is what I crave, touch the cold flesh, that drives me insane". From speedmetal to actual deathmetal, the horror and the trendsetting track is an immortal icon in the genre's repertoire.

The From Beyond CD is almost a full compilation of re-recorded past demo-tracks. The actual recording lineup includes Lee, Rozz with Andrews on drums and future all-star player Terry Butler on bass. With Scott Burns behind the console at Morrissound Studios and produced by Colin Richardson for Earache Records, all the elements are present for an all-time classic, even while being right at the scene's blossoming expansion.

Deathmetal in Tampa in 1991 ...the scene of a real massacre.

Hail Kam Lee !
Hail Rick Rozz !
Hail Bill Andrews !
Hail Terry Butler !
Hail old-school deathmetal !

Chamber Of Ages = video
From Beyond = full CD
Inhuman Condition = full MCD
Live in Birmingham in 1991

March 30, 1992 - 2022: 30 years of: Inhuman Condition.

Tampa in 1991: Ground Zero for deathmetal ...a massacre from beyond.

After the godly tide-steering exhibition of the From Beyond CD, the subsequent killings of 1992's Inhuman Condition MCD is a step-up in the writing department. Following the debut's hot traction, the band now features additional lead-guitar player Steve Swanson for added texture.

The phenomenal crushing title-track, the piranha-riffing of "Plains Of Insanity", the "Provoked Accurser" sheer madness B-side and the WW3 VENOM-classick with a very special evil guest behing the microphone: the hell-bastard himself on lead-vocals for "Warhead" ...Mister Conrad Lant !

MASSACRE would rise again later in a tame 1996 scene, with a death-rock mindset ...the side-lined Promise CD.

Inhuman Condition = full MCD
Live in Montreal in 1992




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