1987 - Schizophrenia.
1989 - Beneath The Remains.
1991 - Arise.
1993 - Chaos A.D.
1996 - Roots.
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October 30, 1987 - 2022: 35 years of: Schizophrenia.

Third-World speedmetal.

Not from the West-Coast, not from the East-Coast, not from Canada nor Germany ...this unit is: Third-World Speedmetal. From the slums of Belo Horizonte, to Europe's main stages, 1987's speedmetal race welcomes another contestant: SEPULTURA.

Riff it up with "From The Past Comes The Storm", how fast will these boys go ? Faster up until you end up "To The Wall" and finish your route as you "Rest In Pain". Crude and creative, this metal tornado even includes a 7:14sec instrumental adventure, a clear sign of musical growth. The mayhem maelstrom rips more faces apart with the hyper-speeds of "Escape To The Void" and "Septic Schizo".

Released on local label Cogumelo Records, the album would later be picked-up by Roadrunner Records, for worldwide distribution. Brazil's finest export comes in full fury with this second LP and Schizophrenia would be the first of an upcoming perfect thrashmetal trifecta.

SEPULTURA have left no stone unturned in the destruction-department and shall step-up the game and pick-up where SLAYER left ...with 1989's blazing sensation Beneath The Remains LP.

Schizophrenia = full LP
Interview in 1987
Live in Sao Paulo in 1987

April 7, 1989 - 2024: 35 years of: Beneath The Remains.

Speedmetal lives.

Picking up the speed-factor, slowly abandoned by SLAYER and KREATOR ...the schizophrenic troops of doom of SEPULTURA made sure the fast-paced genre didn't rest in peace.

The morbid intro to "Beneath The Remains" quickly turns into a violent assault. Speedmetal riffing and speedmetal drumming, this is one of the last cult classicks of the era. More vile hate gets facewashed as "Stronger Than Hate" and the brutal beatdown of "Primitive Future" wrecks havoc.

The sick ravaging riff-o-rama of both "Mass Hypnosis" and "Slaves Of Pain" proudly exhibits the Cavalera + Kisser rhythm-duo as the new standard in extreme aggression down-picking. Headbanging from the deep underground, the E-based "Inner Self" mosh-fest single slowly brought the South American tribal-crew into the Western metal-market.

These new DIY to-be titans were not taming down for the current late 80s technical and progressive thrash movement. Pushing real hostility and still tip-toeing with the deathmetal crowds, this infected voice would repeat the killings with 1991's Arise CD.

Inner Self = video
Beneath The Remains = full LP
MTV interview in 1989
Live in Eindhoven in 1990

March 25, 1991 - 2021: 30 years of: Arise.

Under a pale grey sky, they did ARISE !

1991 is a pivotal year for heavy-music: on one hand, glamrock faded-out and thrashmetal was mellowing-out while on the other side of the rock-spectrum, grunge was to become king and deathmetal was the heaviest thing under the sun ...and from the slums of Belo Horizonte, comes 4 angry men with a mission: conquer the world ...and with this 4th record, for awhile, they did !

At that point in time, the thrashmetal-monopoly of METALLICA + MEGADETH was heavily questioned in the heavy-department, leaving room for new players to set in, the 90s thrashmetal steamrollers: PANTERA ...and SEPULTURA. With Arise, SEPULTURA finally reached the everlasting sough-after hybrid between: brutal and sophisticated the same line as these 1991 classicks: MORBID ANGEL's Blessed Are The Sick, CARCASS's Necrotism and PESTILENCE's Testimony Of The Ancients.

Thru the perfect production, the polished guitar-tone, the gigantic drums and the street-level lyrics, the SEPS cleverly re-captured the rawness of 89's Beneath The Remains clashing along with the current new US guitar-groove movement ...thank you PRONG. The later vibe shall be exploited more on their 93's Chaos A.D. and way furthermore on 96's game-changer: Roots ! Recorded at the world famous Morrisound Studios with total posh production courtesy of Scott Burns and mixing by Andy Wallace, Arise is the SEPULTURA album that raised the bar, at a perfect time to make the Brazilian-tribe a household name.

The carnage opens up with the neck-breaking speedmetal finesse title-track, followed with "Dead Embryonic Cells" where the simple yet devastating E-string riff shines on at 3:34sec, to the killing fast-pace of "Murder", to the maelstrom palm-muting-fiesta of "Subtraction", to the progressive intro of "Meaningless Movements" to the final track, another speedmetal cut in "Infected Voice"

On tour they ripped thru North America with SACRED REICH, NAPALM DEATH and SICK OF IT ALL in the infamous appropriately titled: New Titans On The Block tour. Today, Arise stands as a testament and stepping-stone in SEPULTURA's career, both musically and even more commercially. If Arise would've not been a hit, they would've faded into obscurity, side-swiped by the alternative tidal-wave of 1992.

We spit in your other face !!!

PS: Sur ma photo, les army-pants en dessous des CDs ont étés achetés en 1991, directement influencé de Max Cavalera dans le vidéo Arise. J'ai porté ces pantalons durant toute la fin de mon Secondaire 3-4-5

Arise = video
Dead Embryonic Cells = video
Arise = full CD
In the studio
Interview in Montreal in 1991
Live in Barcelona in 1991
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October 19, 1993 - 2023: 30 years of: Chaos A.D.

New thrash in a new epoch.

During this post Black Album era, simple was the key. From PANTERA, to SACRED REICH, to FIGHT ...all had a street-level E riff-based modus-operandi. 1991's Arise CD already showed signs of genetic-reconstruction, but now, SEPULTURA's groove was deadly obvious.

The revolution starts with the hardcore mosh of "Refuse / Resist". Anarchist thrash that screams anger from the decaying streets. Figh the fight and gain more "Territory" while facts about the Carandiru massacre is shouted on "Manifest", the end goal: respect, equality and justice. Pure nailbomb !

The fast-thrash of "Propaganda" features addictive grooves, while the faster-thrash of "Biotech Is Godzilla" is a DIY destruction. Always moving towards danger, both firm attacks of "Nomad" and the CD-closer "Clenched Fist" confirms SEPULTURA's in-your-face terrifying tyrannical terror.

Political-thrash aiming for the big leagues, the RIAA-certified Gold Chaos A.D. is a strong attempt to steal the limelight left vacant by most of the Big Four. Sadly the modern-thrash competition had also stepped up and was reigning supreme, led by PANTERA's Vulgar Display Of Power CD being a top unit-shifter.

The New Titan On The Block along producer Ross Robinson would go deeper, with deeper tones and spear a new revolution: 1996's aborygen-thrashmetal Roots CD.

Refuse / Resist = video
Territory = video
Slave New World = video
Chaos A.D. = full CD
Interview in 1993
Live at Donington in 1994

February 20, 1996 - 2021: 25 years of: Roots.

Brazil, bloody Brazil !

Changes, sometimes good, sometimes bad ...and sometimes they end up being trend-making. Here comes the roots of South America's heaviest export.

After the thrashmetal crossroad collision with hardrock and grunge in the 1991-92-era, most of them ended underground. From the streets, some new blood came a created a new type of thrash: FIGHT, MACHINE HEAD and eventually FEAR FACTORY ...yet nothing could've prepare the scene for SEPULTURA's ultimate 90°

The vicious fat-tone attacks on cue with the opening single "Roots Bloody Roots". Modern-metal from a legendary band. A simple pounding repetitive track with a simple riff that sticks and carries on for days ...and the outro-segment is a mosh jump-pit delight.

"Cut Throat" takes you hostage and slams you into heavymetal submission, while the energetic percussions of "Ratamahatta" rings with pride and brings the deep Brazilian indigenous tribes vibe into 90s-metal. SEPULTURA are a "Breed Apart" filled with "Straighthate" as more jungle tom-tom rhythms sludginess are added to the thrashmetal back-bone. No other band in the world could've done it ...this is part of the boys's DNA.

For the old-schoolers out there, some hardcore violence is found on the "Dictatorshit" brawl and the rude awakening of "Born Stubborn". The album features guest by key-player Mike Patton, Jonathan Davis and even HOUSE OF PAIN's DJ Lethal.

The band could've played it safe, as they were on their current back to back successes of 1991's Arise and 1993's Chaos A.D. But with the close collaboration of producer Ross Robinson, the SEPS cooked-up the ultimate hybrid: cutting edge digital production, high-gain amplification, downtuned guitars and earthly Xavante tribal rhythms. While KORN may have started the tone and took it to the masses, SEPULTURA took this tone into the metal-masses.

Roots is more then a mere metal-masterpiece, it's an ancestral family-affair. Yet sadly family-affairs would also erode the band into 2 distinctive camps, as this record would be the last SEPULTURA / Max offering. The lead-singer would soon arise again with the schizophrenic SOULFLY, while the SEPUL-tribe would come back from beneath the remains with new-frontmen Derrick Green with 1998's Against CD.

Breaking barriers, one riff at a time: Can you take it ? Can you take it ?

Roots Bloody Roots = video
Attitude = video
Ratamahatta = video
Roots = full CD
Interview in 1996
Live at Pinkpop 1996


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